Tzedakah Touts

The following represents contributions made to the synagogue in May 2019. We apologize for any errors or omissions.

Legacy Fund Donors:

  • Anonymous
  • Jane Baldinger
  • Kathryn and Ira Bartfield
  • Rabbi Lia Bass
  • Scott and Marceda Burka
  • Glenn Chernigoff and Laura Ragins
  • Adam and Deborah Cohen
  • Seth Davidson
  • Jordan Fried and Eva Kleederman
  • Joseph Goldberg
  • Susan Hamm
  • Jared Max Hendler
  • Jeanne and John Howard
  • Jerry and Laura Jacobs
  • Dean Kimelheim & Rose-Ella Slavin
  • Andrew Lovinger
  • Bard Malovany and Naomi Harris
  • Erika Robinson
  • Phil Rosenthal
  • Daniel and Elisa Rosman
  • Martin and Grace Rosman
  • Ray and Roslyn Samuelson
  • The Savada-Stevenson Family
  • Martha and Joe Shmokler
  • Michael Stein
  • Brian Stern
  • Susan and Steve Zimmet

Annual Fund:

  • Andrew & Eleanor Lovinger in honor of Alan Savada on his 50th Bar Mitzvah anniversary with gratitude for everything he does for the Congregation
  • Betty Cohen in memory of Albert Cohen
  • Daniel & Elisa Rosman in memory of Marsha Singer
  • Deborah Meyers in honor of the birth of Gavin Kaps
  • Deborah Meyers in memory of Marsha Singer
  • Jeff & Dina Land in memory of Marsha Singer
  • Jerold & Laura Jacobs to sponsor Comedy Night
  • Joseph & Kitty Goldberg in memory of Hilary Tham Goldberg
  • Joseph & Kitty Goldberg in memory of Isaac Goldberg
  • Laura & Michael Hill
  • Laura & Michael Hill
  • Mark Brey in memory of their dear and beloved neighbor, Marsha Singer
  • Scott & Marcy Burka
  • Scott & Marcy Burka in memory of Fred Burka
  • Scott & Marcy Burka in memory of Marsha Singer
  • Scott & Marcy Burka to sponsor the Cantor
  • Sherry & Craig Beyers in honor of Kohen for Adam Herman
  • Sylvia Gordon in memory of Marsha Singer
  • Thomas & Eden Goldberger in memory of Marsha Singer

Celia & Saul Bash Memorial Fund Donation:

  • Sheldon Turetsky in memory of Jacob Leon Turetsky

Jean Koshar Rothstein Memorial Fund Donation:

  • Lila Shapiro in memory of Samuel Shapiro
  • Robert Rothstein & Christie Phillips in memory of Samuel Rothstein on his birthday

Prayerbook Fund Donation:

  • Deborah & Adam Cohen for new Prayerbooks
  • Jerold & Laura Jacobs for purchase of new Prayerbooks
  • Michael Stein for purchase of Lev Shalom siddur
  • Scott & Marcy Burka for purchase of new Prayerbook

Preschool fund Donation:

  • Neil Parker in memory of Rose Hoffman

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Donation:

  • Bruce & Joanne McBirney
  • Gene Pohl in memory of David Pohl
  • Jeanne Briskin & Daniel Dinsmoor in memory of Mona Lazar Briskin
  • Jonathan & Ronni Arden in celebration of our daughter, Rachel Elsa Arden’s, engagement
  • Jonathan & Ronni Arden in honor of Alan Savada’s birthday and 50th Bar Mitzvah anniversary
  • Jonathan & Ronni Arden with best wishes for good health and speedy recovery for Laura Jacobs
  • Wendy Griswold in honor of Rabbi Bass

Scholarship & Awards Fund Donation:

  • Mathilda Esformes in memory of Morris Esformes