Testing, Testing — is this thing on?

With Passover quickly approaching, so to is the counting of the Omer. And this year’s count is going to be interesting and educational.

In honor of the upcoming dedication of new siddurim, Etz Hayim members have contributed Questions and Answers about the siddur in general.

When was the first siddur published? What did we do before we had siddurim? Why do we bow so much during the Amidah? Where did the tune for the Shema come from? These and 45 more questions and answers await you during this year’s Counting of the Omer.

If you’ve signed up for previous year’s Omer learning projects, you don’t need to sign up again. You’re all set.

But if you haven’t joined us for a count yet, visit the Omer Project information page to learn about the more and follow along.

Happy Counting!