Kitah Vav: Letters to Parents

December 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

During the past weeks in class, we talked about the Yishuv, the Jewish community in Palestine before Israel became a state. We discussed how life was hard for these early immigrants, the many reasons why they came and stayed, and how the seeds of the Arab-Israeli conflict began during this time (late nineteenth century and early twentieth). In addition, we touched upon life for Jews in Western Europe and how it differed greatly from life in Russia and why and how this impacted immigration to the United States and to the Yishuv.  We also discussed how WWI impacted the Jews of Europe and how the world was changed when it was over.

This upcoming week we will finish chapter 5, which discusses the Jewish community in the United States after WWI and how it changed from an immigrant-based society to one where American-born Jews became the majority after immigration was restricted.

Please have your student bring in a notebook to class as the students have many questions and comments. They can use their notebook to write down their thoughts, which we can later discuss.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Hanukkah!