Kitah Hey: Letters to Parents

October 28, 2018

We had a great time in October!  We continued to get to know our classmates and building a great close religious school community.  We learned about the value of the month, Lashon Hara:  evil speech (about another person).  We continued our journey through Jewish history and learned about the three first kings of Israel, the first holy temple, who conquered Israel, the prophets and the divided kingdom.  The students worked together to build a model of the first holy temple using Legos.  We also started to learn about our Siddur and started to map it.  In Tefillah we continue to learn the Ashrie using the new Hebrew in Harmony program.  This is a program that will help us learn prayers using an app with games, explanation about the prayers and many more!  Every Wednesday the students will receive homework to practice reading the prayer at home.