Kitah Hey (5th)

October 2018

Shalom!  I am Morah Lital and am excited to be teaching 5th grade Judaic and Hebrew studies.  This is my first year teaching at Etz Hayim and I’m excited to meet your children and get to know them.  I’m sure this will be a great year fully of learning history, Hebrew, prayers and much more.  ~ Lital Burr

End of Month Wrap-Up

Kitah Hey,

We had wonderful October!  We learned about the value of the month: Timkun Olam, a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world. In order for us to learn what does it means, we decided to help and cleaned and organized the teachers’ art closet.  The students had fun helping!

We finished learning the Ashrei  and Mode Ani and started the Kaddish.  We practiced reading the prayers, played fun games and used the Hebrew in Harmony app to learn all about the prayers and to practice reading them correctly.

In history we learned about the prophets, the exile and started the Hellenistic period, the period between the death of Alexander the Great and the annexation of the classical Greek heartlands by Rome.

In Hebrew  through movement we learned new words and commands and play fun games in order to practice the new vocabulary!

We also wrote what we are thankful for in our life just before Thanksgiving!

Morah Lital

November 2018

In November we will continue to dive deeper into Jewish history, finish the Ashrei, learn about the value of the month (Tikun Olam:  repairing the world) and continue to learn modern Hebrew using Hebrew Through Movement.

December 2018

In December we will continue to learn about the Hellenistic period, practice reading the Kaddish, celebrate Chanukah and learn new Hebrew words! 

Morah Lital

End of Month Wrap-Up


We had a great time in December!  We learned about the value of the month (Shalom Bait;  to be peace at home), which is the concept of domestic harmony and good relations in our homes.  We wrote our own Shalom Bait prayer, put it on a wooden plate and decorated it.  We also celebrated Hannukah and had Doughnut Wars!   


We continued our journey through Jewish history and learned about the Hellenism, life in exile the conflict in Judea.


In Tefillah we continued to practice reading the Kaddish and used the new Hebrew in Harmony program.  This program helps us learn prayers using an app with games, explanation about the prayers and many more!  


Lital Burr

January 2019

In January will continue to dive deeper into Jewish history, finish the Kaddish, learn about the value of the month (Bal Tashit, which equates to conserving resources) and continue to learn modern Hebrew using Hebrew Through Movement.  We will also have our Kitah Hey Friday night service on January 11, 2019 at 6:15pm.

Lital Burr


In February we will have a whole congregation study session about Shabbat with fun activities and stations all morning.  We will also finish practice the Kaddish and continue to dive into Jewish history.  The value of the month in February is Shmirat Haguf (taking care of our body).

February 24, 2019

Thank you for supporting Kitah Hey’s Bake Sale!  The class raised almost $160 to donate to a homeless shelter!