Kitah Gan (K)

October 2018

On Sundays we will  explore the holidays and learn about mitzvot and why they are important to us.  We will also learn the Aleph Bet and some common Hebrew words through our new Hebrew Through Movement program.  ~ Robyn Norrbom

End of Month Wrap-Up:

In October, the Gan class learned about the seven days of Creation and Noah’s Ark.  We talked about Tzedakah and the ways we can help others.  We started our very own Siddurs with two prayers that we say together every morning: the Modeh Ani and the Shema.  We have been working through the Aleph Bet and now know the Aleph, Bet, Gimmel and Dalet.

November 2018

In November, we will continue talking about the importance of the Shema and why it is part of our mezuzah.  We will talk about Tikkun Olam and how we can show thanks for the world we live in by taking care of it.  We will talk about what is Jewish about Thanksgiving.  We will continue learning more letters of the Aleph Bet and add some Hebrew words to our vocabulary. 

Best, Robyn

January 2019

In January we will focus on Tu B’Shevat, the Birthday of the Trees.  We will talk about the two Jewish values, Conserving Resources and Treatment of Animals and how they relate to this special day we devote to trees and the environment as a whole.  We will continue to add words to our vocabulary in Hebrew Through Movement.  Also, we will learn several more Hebrew letters.