Kitah Chet: Letters to Parents

December 11, 2018

Dear Kitah Chet Parents,

I am writing to let you know about a program your students participated
this month. On Sunday 12/9, the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse’s
(JCADA) dating violence prevention initiative, AWARE®, ran their It’s Not Love®
workshop for the students of Kitah Chet and Kitah Zayin. Our goal for the
program was to educate our students about healthy relationships and the topic
was chosen based on a popular vote on social justice topics to discuss that
occurred in November in Kitah Chet’s classroom.

The workshop was a choose-your-own-path style workshop and every student assumed the role of a character who was in an abusive relationship or was friends with someone in an abusive relationship. Students engaged in small group discussions in order to identify characteristics of both a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

Engaging in a dialogue with your child about the program and healthy
relationships will help ensure this program has a lasting impact. For more
information about healthy relationships, warning signs of dating abuse, and how
to talk to your teen, we encourage you to visit If you
have any questions about this program, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Julie Margolies