Kitah Chet (8th & 9th)

October 2018

This Fall Kitah Chet will be focusing on the intersection of Judaism and social justice.  We will explore how the Jewish tradition defines charity, giving and justice, while discussing how we to analyze, identify and address inequity to create a more socially just world.  We will welcome a few guest speakers who work or volunteer for socially just organizations and will have the opportunity to ask them questions about their work.  Our semester will culminate in the design and completion of a social justice project, which the class itself will design.  ~ Julie Margolies

November 2018

End of Month Wrap-Up

Kitah Chet students continued to explore the concepts of tzedek and tzedakah this month and expanded their perspectives to consider how we can envision a more just world through applying the concept of tikkun olam. We learned about the cycle of social action, identified characteristics that ensure successful social justice projects, and collectively decided to focus our culminating project on the issue of domestic violence.

December 2018

Kitah Chet will welcome at least one guest this month to speak about their work promoting social justice.  We will work collaboratively to create a final project addressing the social justice issue our class has chosen to focus on: domestic violence.

Kitah Chet has just two sessions left this semester!  On 12/9, we will welcome a number of guest speakers to speak about social justice issues chosen by our class.  On 12/16 we will reflect on and celebrate our accomplishments, and finalize our culminating project.

February 2019

February 4, 2019