Kitah Aleph (1st)

October 2018

The bulk of what Kitah Aleph works on are skills related to letter and vowel recognition, blessings over food and major holidays.  We will also begin to develop a Jewish identity, learn the major stories from the Torah and explore various Jewish values.  Students in Kitah Aleph will create a strong foundation for the skills that they will be able to develop in the coming years.  ~CJ Burka

November 2018

In November, Kitah Aleph finished up our unit on Shabbat, and the story of the 7 Days of Creation. We also talked about what was Jewish about Thanksgiving.

December 2018

In December we learned about Hanukkah, including making our own Hanukiah (Menorahs). We also had a Hanukkah party with Kitah Dalet where we enjoyed baby latkes, sufganiyot, Bingo and Dreidel Games. We are wrapping up the month by talking about the differences between the secular New Year and the Jewish New Year.

January 2019

In January, we will be doing our Earth Unit. We will be learning about what is Jewish about Land Animals, Sea Creatures and plants and trees, all in relation to Tu B’Shevat. To celebrate Tu B’Shevat, we will be planting our own seeds with the hope that they will grow enough to be used for our Passover Seders.