Omer Learning 2019: Day 49 | Siddur Q & A: What can I do with loved one’s…

Today is 49 days, which is 7 weeks of the Omer

Instructions for counting the omer are found on our Omer Overview Page. You can find the specific blessing for today at

We’re dedicating new Siddurim on the first day of Shavuot. In honor of this wonderful occasion, we’re using the counting of the Omer to learn about the siddur.

Enjoy today’s siddur related question and answer, which was provided by Sylvia G..

What can I do with loved one’s siddurim that are no longer usable?

When a siddur, or any other sacred, or semi-sacred books or documents get too worn to use, they should be buried. There’s more than one way to do that. They may be buried, or permanently taken out of use by storing them in a genizah.

Perhaps one of the most famous ones was in Cairo. Scholars have studied some of the documents found there (Cairo Geniza -Cambridge Univ.) at the Taylor-Schecter Collection.

They may also be buried in a coffin. When my Mother died, and we were disposing of her household goods, we were able to bury with her all the Siddurim and Chumashim that were in her house. Emotionally satisfying.

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