Omer Learning 2019: Day 26 | Siddur Q & A: Is the melody for the Shema an…

Today is 26 days, which is 3 weeks and 5 days of the Omer

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We’re dedicating new Siddurim on the first day of Shavuot. In honor of this wonderful occasion, we’re using the counting of the Omer to learn about the siddur.

Enjoy today’s siddur related question and answer, which was provided by Adam C..

Is the melody for the Shema ancient, recent, or what?

A number of the well-known melodies for prayers in the siddur were composed by Solomon Sulzer, a cantor in Vienna, Austria who lived from 1804 to 1890. This includes the melody for the Shema that most synagogues use today. He also composed the melody for Aleinu that we are most familiar with. Fun fact: Sulzer served as the cantor of his synagogue for 55 years!