A Bissel Torah – 03/23/2020

We’re now into our second week of quarantine. In the past week, I have learned a few different skills and embarked in a few different projects. I will share with you some suggestions of learning and meditation:

  1. Adult education on line. Mechon Hadar (www.hadar.org) has some great opportunities for learning in this coming week. They have great classes, and wonderful resources for learning Torah on line. If you would like to learn new melodies so you can lead services when we come back to our Sanctuary, they have a great library of Tefilah (Jewish Prayer), and you can choose from their many options.
  2. With Passover coming soon, you might enjoy the opportunity for a good Pessah cleaning. Use the Rabbinical Assembly guide (https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/sites/default/files/2020-02/Pesah%20Guide%205780.pdf) to prepare for Pessah!
  3. Try establishing a meditation practice. You can start a daily meditation practice with the aid of a phone app, such as Insight Timer, Calm, or Headspace. Headspace has a wonderful free introduction on meditation. On line, a good resource is Dr. Tara Brach (www.tarabrach.com).
  4. If you are interested, you may join my class on the Book of Judges, every first and third Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm. Our next class is on April 2, and we will start chapter 9. Let me know if you want to join our zoom conversation!
  5. I am preparing for the siyum bekhorot, the study session to avoid fasting during the hours before the first Seder. I am studying Massechet Sotah. I will be live streaming my class that day, and we will have a virtual siyum. If we have more than 10 people joining the live stream, we will say the kaddish d’rabanan. I will try to work out the Youtube technology for us to connect, since some of us do not use Facebook. You are also welcome to send your forms for mechirat hametz in the mail. I plan on performing mechirat hametz for our community, in a different way.
  6. Please know that I am here and available for conversation and spiritual counseling at this time. Do not hesitate – send me an email (rabbi@etzhayim.net), and we will schedule a zoom call, or a phone call, whatever you prefer.
    B’virkat shalom uvryiut,
    Rabbi Lia Bass